Monday Moods and Manners

April 3, 2017, posted by Michelle – Hello again! We’re back to being moody again this Monday. We are always looking for pretty vases and we’ve assembled a mood board with some original options. If you’re looking for some special items for your next cocktail party, our second grouping may provide some inspiration.

1.Linework Honeycomb Vase,  |  2. Diamond Blue and White Tall Vase,  |
3.Glass Vase with Metal Frog Lid,  |  4. Gunci Wooden Vase by LS Collections,  |
5. Jonathan Adler Lion Vase,  |  6. Menu Folded vase,  |  7. Branch-Encased Vase,

1.Mud Pie Silver 4-Piece Cocktail Fork Set,  |   2. Pre-Owned Midcentury Cocktail Coupes,  |  3. Silvertone Ombre Cocktail Pitcher,  |  4. Dusk & Dew Cocktail Tray,  |  5. Nambé Klasp Cocktail Shaker,  |  6. Classic Cocktail Pick Set,  |
7. Authentic Tusk & Sterling Corkscrew,  |  8. August Morgan ‘Just A Swallow’ Cocktail Napkins,

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