Oh, hello! We’re sorry but the shopkeepers are busily getting the shop in order and they should be ready soon.

If we were building a physical store, you’d see a “COMING SOON” sign on the site. You know how that goes, it can be months before it opens but it creates anticipation for the day you can finally shop in the store. Our shop on this site is like that in a way. There is a lot of planning and activity that’s going on behind the pages you see as we prepare to “open” the shop. We will keep you updated as we progress toward our goal.

Nothing sets a table off or creates a wonderful memory for your guests like beautiful table linens. We search high and low for vintage linens both in the USA and France to bring to you. We’re also in the process of creating a custom table linen line of very special, one of a kind pieces.
We know that when you are planning a party or gathering in your home it goes beyond the table and menu. Our accessories will help you create a warm and inviting home. Sometimes it’s something as small as a beautiful lighted candle or a new colorful planter filled with fresh greenery that makes your home feel welcoming. We are looking into a wide range of small home décor goods to help you make your home an oasis. We will also have some wonderful finds from France like Majolica, table linens and decorative items.

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