Garden Club Year End Meeting

May 8, 2015, posted by Gina – I am a member of a wonderful garden club that meets once a month August through May. Throughout the year we have knowledgeable and interesting speakers who educate us about everything from gardening to flower arranging.  Our year end meeting is always at the home of a member who has a spectacular garden and the garden this year was beyond amazing.  Sadly, I was so busy talking that I only took two photos but I did have a good time!

New Dawn RosesThe New Dawn Roses you see above were picture perfect. They are repeat bloomers and have a slight fragrance. The soft pink petals cascading over the fence make a very beautiful display. I am about to have a trellis built in my yard and had not selected the roses for it but after seeing these, I am sold.

Iris Garden PathThe garden path is lined with irises and a small basket of flowers hangs cheerily on the gate. I have never thought using irises along a pathway but after seeing this I am going to implement it somewhere in my  own garden. Everything in this garden was so welcoming and creative.  I promise next year I will arrive early and take photos before I start talking with everyone.  Happy Gardening!

Are you a gardener? Do you belong to a garden club? Are you always planting, weeding, landscaping, building, etc. in your yard? We’d like to hear about your garden or your love of them. Please share any comments you may have, just click on the title of this post to expand the comment form at the bottom of the post.

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