Herbs Before & After

before and after

July 31, 2016, posted by Gina – You may remember that in the Spring I was given some free Mojito mint and I wrote a post about it.  As evidenced by the photo, it looked dead. I am happy to report that it is growing beautifully in my yard and is so fresh. If I brush up against it that heavenly minty fragrance fills the air. I was warned by many gardeners not to plant the mint in one of my flower beds as it would take over. After much thought, I decided that having mint growing everywhere would not be a bad thing. Judging from the photo it will apparently take years before that happens but I welcome it.

herbs before and after

Around the same time, I purchased a few very healthy herbs and planted them in pots which they quickly outgrew. So, I planted them in the ground and while they do not look larger, they actually are.  They have grown unruly and don’t look as nice as the freshly planted ones in my opinion. But, more importantly, they taste great and really liven up many dishes. I just need to cut them more often!


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