Manners on Monday: The One Upper

July 31, 2017, posted by Gina – I can’t believe today marks the last day of July and while it’s not the official end of summer, school will be starting in the first few weeks of August giving us that Fall feeling. And as this last day of July falls on a Monday, we’re talking about manners. The subject of this week’s manners post is one we all encounter from time to time so let’s get started.

The Seinfeld show had a humorous way of treating everyday experiences and it made us feel better. One of the episodes was about the “One Upper”. You know, the person who is better, smarter, richer, busier, healthier, happier or whatever than you or anyone else. In the episode, Jerry becomes more and more frustrated as the One Upper continues with their conversational dominance. No matter the topic, the One Upper topped his experience.

I am not sure about you but I will put up with this for a while but then my blood will start to boil just as Jerry’s did. How are we supposed to deal with a person that does this? First, we can find a way to walk away. Drinks always need refreshing, the powder room calls, the other line is ringing or whatever. I like to have some excuses prepared so I can get myself out of these situations in a nice way.

Turns out that these One Uppers are really not trying to make you feel bad. They are insecure and are trying to convince themselves that they are wonderful. They have low self-esteem and this is a way for them to make themselves feel better. While this makes me sad for them, it is not our duty to be their punching bag.

Next time you encounter a One Upper, take a deep breath and have your exit plan ready.

So, as we started this post off with Seinfeld’s humor about his annoying One Upper, we’ll end it with a funny video. If you’ve ever seen the Penelope character on Saturday Night Live, you know she’s the ultimate One Upper. “I invented air, so every time you breath you owe me ten cents.” Click THIS LINK to see it and have a laugh.

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