Reviving Vintage Linens

May 2, 2016, posted  by Gina – If you have followed our site for a while you may know that we love vintage and antique linens. Part of the fun of finding these beautiful treasures is the hunt and we work hard to find pieces which we know can be restored to their original beauty.

Our love of flowers, food and entertaining is really about our love of people and we enjoy making even the ordinary things in life pretty.  What brings people together better than a beautiful table, great conversation and friends and family?

mint green table topperRecently, I found this beautiful mint green organza and linen table topper that I believe is from the 40’s or 50’s.  This piece had been treasured and, no doubt, graced a beautiful table. Many times we find linens that are still in their original box with the tags still attached. But sometimes we find beautiful pieces that are slightly yellowed or stained.

You may be wondering how we launder these vintage linens. We use a product called Linen Wash.  In all our years of collecting vintage linens Linen Wash has worked miracles on all but a few pieces.   Many of these older linens have yellowed over the years even if they have been in their original box. Linen Wash gets this out as well as most stains and leaves the linens fresh and clean.  We soak our linens sometimes for days depending on the extent of staining or yellowing.  It is amazing to see them return to their original splendor.

Linen Wash

Searching and collecting these one of a kind linens has become a passion.  They look so beautiful mixed with modern plates, chargers, crystal or whatever pretty things you find to adorn your table … and it’s nice knowing you can bring them back to their original beauty.

Do you have any tips for removing stains from vintage linens? We’d like to hear from you! Click on the title of this post and the comment form will appear at the bottom of the page.

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