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Silk at La Bourse, LyonNovember 22, 2015, posted by Michelle – Every November, Lyon hosts an annual Silk Market and we never miss this unique opportunity to shop for silk and items made of silk all in one place. For centuries Lyon was the capital of the silk trade and manufacturing in Europe and is still a reference for high quality silk. This is a showcase for all things silky, from subtle pocket squares to bold upholstery; there’s even a small silkworm exhibit.

Tassinari et ChatelAs if browsing through yards and yards of silk from manufacturers like Tassinari et Chatel, Veraseta and Denis et Fils wasn’t exciting enough, it’s held in one of the most beautiful buildings in town. Le Palais de la Bourse, built in 1860 in the center of downtown Lyon, was originally home to several different commercial enterprises, including silk brokers. The impressive architecture features arches, sculptures, gorgeous painted ceilings and grand staircases so it’s the perfect setting for showcasing sumptuous silk.

La Bourse inside

After sorting through bolts of silk, remnants, ribbons, scarves, ties, purses and pillows we came away with a few yards of silk (pictured below, left) from Tassinari et Chatel and plan on making some very special things.

Silk Kimono and Silk Items

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