Tutorial: How to Make A Floral Arrangement Using Chicken Wire 1 comment

June 2017

Before the invention of floral foam, floral designers used a variety of materials to arrange flowers, including chicken wire. Chicken wire helps to create a secure design while at the same time allowing the flowers to be placed directly in water. Flowers are at their best when they have a great source of water. We will show you step by step how to create a lovely but simple arrangement using chicken wire. You can find chicken wire in a hardware store, craft store or online. Another great thing about chicken wire is that it can be reused. Let’s get started.

What you’ll need: chicken wire, fresh cut flowers, a container, scissors and floral preservative.

1. Gather chicken wire.
2. These flowers came directly from my garden so they were freshly cut. If you get flowers from a store, make sure to give them a fresh cut.
3. Cut the chicken wire so that it will fit tightly inside the container. It can be a little larger and then pressed into the container for stability.
4. Here you see the chicken wire in the container.

5. Fill the container with water and floral preservative.
6. Begin placing flowers into the container and in the chicken wire for security.
7. Continue placing flowers.
8. Before you know it, the container will be full and the flowers will be very happy directly in the water.


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