Tutorial: Sunflower Power

May 2017

Sunflowers are happy flowers that command attention. With very little effort you can create a dramatic arrangement with these striking yellow beauties. We’re taking advantage of the width of the sunflowers rather than their height in this design. For this very simple tutorial you’ll only need 3 flowers but that’s all it takes to showcase the positive power of sunflowers.

Here are the supplies you will need:
3 medium to large sunflowers
One clear glass vase about 7-8 inches tall with about a 3 inch wide mouth
Floral preservative
Assorted greenery

sunflower tutorial

1. Cut the sunflowers at 3 different heights so that they can be placed in a staggered fashion once in the vase
2. Arrange the sunflowers in the vase filled with water and flower preservative. Place the tallest flower in the back and the two shorter ones up front.
3. Fill in with assorted greenery.
4. Cut the ribbon long enough that a square knot can be tied. Tie the ribbon and you’re done!

This is a very sweet arrangement that could certainly put a smile on someone’s face. The best part is you only used 3 flowers.


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