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January 24, 2017, posted by Gina – It happens every year. Many of us may have indulged over the holidays and by January 1 we have started diets that include healthy shakes, veggies, fish or other light fare. Far from our thoughts are the decadent foods of the holidays. Then suddenly it’s time for the Super bowl. At the first invitation to a Super Bowl Party, we begin to sweat about eating something other than the healthy foods our bodies and minds have adjusted to for over a month. After all, we have made progress, hopefully. Our jeans fit nicely again, our exercise routine has ramped up and we are feeling better. How on earth can we ruin all of that? The fear is real!

Let’s try something a little different by indulging a little but not fall off the wagon totally. With these four simple recipes, we can have some gridiron fun without busting our weight loss goals. Instead of creating a menu filled with many appetizers, here we have a meal that will make you forget about those calorie laden finger foods.


Some notes for the Mexican Salad with Cilantro Dressing recipe: This beautiful layered salad works well in a pretty glass bowl or trifle bowl. Some stores sell thinly sliced lettuce in a bag. We suggest shredding the Monetary Jack cheese yourself rather than using the pre-shredded kind. If you need to save time, some stores sell pre-cooked bacon slices. This is an easy recipe but has many steps. Go ahead and prepare your beans and dressing in advance. You can chop your veggies the day before and they will keep in plastic bags. Following these steps makes this salad easy to put this together and creates a beautiful dish.



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