Amazing Angelonia

August 26, 2015, posted by Gina – I can’t believe I am dedicating one whole post to one flower, but trust me it is worth it. We have been working on landscape plans for three summers now and our yard is really turning out very pretty despite the fact that we have some very tough areas. In the photo below you see the front of our house which faces west. I can’t begin to tell you how hot and sunny it is. While I love the sunshine, this is a combat zone for any potential flowers even with a sprinkler system.

Angelonia - Front DoorIn our plans, we have four beds in the front of our house that are for seasonal color. It is very difficult finding something that can withstand the heat of the summer so our landscape architect suggested Angelonia which I had never planted. So, back in May I made my way to a wonderful nursery not far from my home and found Angelonia. I purchased enough flats to cover all four beds and went on my way.

When these plants first went into the ground they were about 5 inches tall. Over the summer, as you can see, they have grown tremendously. These plants are simply amazing. They have bloomed the entire summer and needed no special attention other than water. I can’t say enough about these. If you have a sunny spot, these babies will be true workhorses for you. In addition to the deep purple you see at my home, they come in a lighter almost violet colored purple and white.

I have nicknamed them my angels in my garden and I will be sad to see them go. I am working on a plan for fall plantings that I will initiate in the next few weeks as our weather cools down just a bit.

Happy Planting!

Do you have plants and flowers that are able to withstand summer heat and full exposure to the sun? Do you like to fill in with seasonal color also? What are some of your favorites? We’d love to hear from you, so please click on the title of this post to expand the comment form and send us your thoughts.

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