A French Garden in Late August 2 comments

August 24, 2015, posted by Michelle – I went on a walk in the big park by my apartment here in Lyon and wanted to share some photos of the beautiful late summer flowers and plants. The weather is slowly changing here and I am starting to feel Fall approaching as the nights and early mornings have become cool enough to wear light sweaters. We’re getting excited by the change of seasons and you’ll soon see Fall colors and new arrangements reflected on the site. (Clicking on a photo in the gallery will enlarge it.)

Are you looking forward to Fall? What’s your favorite season? Do you bring different colors into your home (i.e. new  door arrangements, flower arrangements, accessories, etc.) with the changing seasons? Let us hear from you! Click on the title of this blog post to expand the comment form at the bottom of the post.

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2 thoughts on “A French Garden in Late August