Floral Design Workshop Schedule 2024/2025

We are excited to announce our upcoming workshops for 2024/2025!

Our workshops are designed to educate about flowers and flower care while having fun. We invite you to join us for a relaxing and informative evening. Refreshments are provided and you take your floral arrangement home with you to enjoy.

Our classes are uniquely priced according to the flowers, supplies and containers needed. Reservations are secured by credit card and can be made in advance. We welcome groups when space allows. No experience is necessary. 

To make a reservation, please call 601-707-7806


Tuesday, August 27, 2024 @ 6pm


Combining plants and flowers creates a very beautiful, natural look. In this class we will share tips on plant care and how to combine fresh flowers with a fern. We will start with a pretty basket and arrange our plant, flowers and moss for a complete design. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container, plant and flowers. $95


Tuesday, September 10, 2024 @ 6pm


While sunflowers are available all year round, they always find their place in Fall floral designs. In this class we will learn about sunflowers and their perfect companion flowers to create a gorgeous Fall inspired design. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container and flowers. $95


Tuesday, October 8, 2024 @ 6pm


Pumpkins are one of the sure signs that Fall has arrived. In this class we will learn how to gold leaf a small pumpkin and then work it into a floral arrangement. We will discuss traditional colors for Fall as well as some new options, working with a color wheel. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container, pumpkin, gold leaf and flowers. $105


Tuesday, November 12, 2024 @ 6pm


There is nothing that warms your home more than preparing for a Thanksgiving feast in your home. Whether you are celebrating a traditional Thanksgiving with family or hosting a Friendsgiving gathering, we will share decorating, tablescape, cooking and, of course, flower arranging tips. In this class we will create a harvest centerpiece filled with seasonal flowers. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container and flowers. $95


Tuesday, December 3, 2024 @ 6pm


For the FIRST TIME, we are offering a Workshop on Holiday Decorating!! This is a little different from our usual hands-on floral design classes as we have LOTS to show you. We will demonstrate how to make a bow, decorate a tree and decorate a mantle. We will also show you a few table centerpieces that you can recreate at home.

This class will surely inspire your holiday decorating! This demonstration class is filled with tons of ideas, tricks of the trade, holiday inspiration and lots of fun. Refreshments will be served. $65


Tuesday, January 7, 2025 @ 6pm


After the holiday excitement, the calm of new year is the ideal time to refresh your home. This class is inspired by simplicity and new beginnings. We will learn about using herbs, in particular rosemary, to compliment roses. We will work in the tridiac color scheme learning about pretty options from the color wheel. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container, rosemary and flowers. $95


Tuesday, February 4, 2025 @ 6pm


Tulips are one of the first signs of Spring and we are bringing them to life in this class. You will learn about how tulips grow, how they react in an arrangement and the best ways to make a floral arrangement with them. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container and flowers. $95


Tuesday, March 11, 2025 @ 6pm


Gerberas are one of the happiest flowers with bright colors and big petals. We will show you how to wire gerberas for stability in your arrangement, how other flowers work with them and how to make them look as if they just came out of your garden. You will learn the terracing technique and complimentary color combinations. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container and flowers. $95


Tuesday, April 8, 2025 @ 6pm


Bunnies just seem to put an instant smile on your face and they certainly usher in Spring and the Easter season in. We will work with some of the season’s prettiest flowers and combine them with a bunny pick in your arrangement. Class includes refreshments, supplies, container, flowers, and bunny pick. $105


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