Baked Corn Recipe

December 4, 2017, posted by Gina – I am sure you are like us and have lots of to-do lists for the holidays right about now. This year we are looking for ways to make life easier during the holidays so I thought I would share this super easy Baked Corn recipe with you. If I had to choose a favorite side dish, this one would certainly be in my Top 5. It is delicious and very easy to prepare. I have never found a person who did not like it, so it works great for a crowd.

Simple ingredients are needed and not one ounce of chopping is involved. I know! Crazy right?Trust me it tastes like a whole lot more effort goes into this. We are all about making you look good!

This the only piece of this deliciousness remaining after my family gobbled it up before I could take a photo of the finished pan. I guess that let’s you know that it’s really good.

Here’s the recipe. Your people will love you.

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