Fun Stuff on Friday

March 24, 2017, posted by Gina – Hello Friends! This is the fourth installment of Fun Stuff on Friday where we write about anything that happens to be on our minds or has caught our fancy over the past week.


As we head into this glorious weekend, I have all things Spring on my mind. We will be watching Son 2 play a bit of baseball. For a Mom with two boys who started playing baseball when they were four, the sport has always been one of the bellwethers of Spring in our family. I saw a cute and clever baseball fan T-shirt the other day that read, “I like a little dirt on my diamond.” And speaking of dirt…

Cutting Garden

I’ve been digging in the dirt a bit myself and I love it. Spring has made its way to my neighborhood and I just can’t seem to stay out of the yard. For as long as I can remember, I have always been interested in all kinds of gardens and how to plant them. I love pouring over gardening books and magazines for ideas and tips. This past week, I have been researching flowers that are good for a cutting garden. After all, at GDFC we are all about flowers so why not have a few posies to pick in my own yard? There’s so much to learn but I hope one day I’ll be able to show you the fruits of my labor. Stay tuned.

Photo saved from Beau Tied Affair on Etsy

Sentiment Bloom Be Cups

We spied these handmade glazed clay Bloom Be Cups in the Sundance Catalog and it was love at first site. These would certainly put a smile on your face or would make a great gift for a friend.


A Pretty 10

With all this gardening let’s just say my nails are not so pretty. In fact, almost every time we’ve have a nice event to attend recently, my nails look as if I have been doing hard labor. Well, I’m not sure floral design and gardening falls into that category but my nails look that way. I decided to schedule a weekly manicure because I know if I put something on my calendar I am more likely to do it. Last week, the lady that normally does my nails put something new on as a top coat and, believe it or not, my polish has lasted 6 days. For me, that is HUGE! How about you? Are you like me or do you already have a scheduled appointment? Or are you just not a nail person at all?
Thanks for stopping in and come back Monday when we discuss just what you do with all those endless emails that keep on coming. Have a Great Weekend!

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