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March 25, 2017, posted by Gina – I recently helped host an engagement party for a friend’s daughter and fiancé. It was a lovely occasion and everyone had such a wonderful time. The duties of the party were spread among eight hosts which made it so much easier to manage. My task for the party was to create the flower arrangements. I made one main large centerpiece and flanked it with two smaller coordinating arrangements. I was told the bride to be loved pink and so pink flowers it was! I used roses, fuji mums and gerbera daisies and, in the centerpiece, pussy willow which gave the arrangement height as well as additional texture and interest.

Centerpiece for an engagement party - roses, gerbera daisies and fuji mums

The food was delicious and I would share some of the recipes if I had them but I did not prepare any food for this party. I at least want to share the menu though, as it may come in handy if you find yourself planning such a party. And of course, I am sharing plenty of photos of this delectable and beautiful buffet.

Cheese, nut, fruit and cracker tray  – This was quite the spread. In fact, I think the tray was about four feet long which made a very dramatic presentation! Everyone commented on how beautiful this was.
Marinated Shrimp  – The marinated shrimp were delicious and looked so appetizing in a wonderful McCarty bowl.
Grilled Pork Tenderloin with rolls, mayo, Dijon and pepper jelly  – These were tender and succulent.
Potato Casserole – The potatoes were the perfect compliment with the grilled pork tenderloin and were creamy and hearty.
Grilled Vegetables  – The vibrant colors were so attractive and this dish really delivered with such intense flavor.
Petit Fours – These dainty cakes were very moist and the touch of gold (rings, how sweet!) put them over the top.

Buffet for an engagement partyPetit Fours for an engagement party - topped with little gold rings

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4 thoughts on “Spring Engagement Party

  • Carol Walker

    What a beautiful presentation for everything. I love the flower arrangements, so spring-y! The fruit tray looks like it even has some chocolate covered nuts? If so, creative addition!