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July 14, 2017, posted by Gina – How did the weekend slip up so fast? Maybe it is because it was such a busy week for me. We have lots of fun stuff to share with you so let’s get started.

Ya’ll, this stuff works! I mean it really works! Over the years I have tried a million different creams and products that were supposed to make me look years younger and soften wrinkles. I really never saw a difference. One day about a year ago I was in Sam’s and saw this Olay Regenerist. I thought it would be good to put on my face before my make up so in my cart it went. I really never thought about it actually helping wrinkles. Last week, I noticed that several of my wrinkles actually looked softer and just plain better! I really was not even trying and had lost all hope. I will say, it did take a year for me to notice results and while it is not a facelift or Botox, I will purchase this little jar of wonder cream again. It’s very creamy but not greasy. I think we would be safe in saying I recommend this.

Before we moved into our home five years ago I had cleaned and organized every nook and cranny of our former home so it would look perfect once we placed it on the market. This type of organization should happen before you are ready to sell your home but I procrastinated. Upon moving into our new home, I had grand ideas of how to organize my closet. I had mastered organization in my former closet and was so proud I wanted to keep the closet door open. The other day while getting dressed and struggling to find the jewelry I wanted, I realized it was finally time to master my new closet. These simple command hooks are how I organized my jewelry in my former home so I chose to use them again. The organization has made it so much easier and fun to get dressed. I have been asking myself why I waited so long to do this simple chore. While the jewelry is organized, I still want to work more on the clothes and shoes but everything is already so much easier to find. I used to think the closet was the problem, but now I realize I am the problem and I can change it. How about you? Is your closet picture perfect or do you struggle to find things? If I get brave, I’ll show more of my closet once it’s as pretty as I want it.

Well HOWDY Fall! This was on the magazine rack at the grocery store and, of course, it had to come home with me. While we are smack dab in the middle of summer and I did not think I could embrace anything Fall, I must admit that the magazine plunged me into football season, comfort foods and fall décor. It was fun while it lasted plus there were some great ideas and recipes. Very inspiring.

The other day I was greeted by these hydrangeas as soon as I entered the grocery store. I wondered why there were so many of them. Upon closer inspection, I noticed they were wrapped up in ice cream cone printed paper. Many of you may not know that I worked for an ice cream manufacturer doing their marketing and PR. It’s a good thing because I know that every third Sunday in July is National Ice Cream Day and obviously these hydrangeas are dressed up in honor of this fabulous event. I mean how fun is it to celebrate ice cream? While working for the ice cream manufacturer, I would plan events to honor this day in seven different cities that were held simultaneously. Trust me when I tell you that not many events could need the amount of coordination and attention to details as this did. It was all in the name of ice cream and while it was a lot of work, we had a great time.

Last week I mentioned we would be celebrating Mr. GDFC’s birthday and celebrate we did! I put this quick place setting together for his home cooked meal on his birthday. I love the green and the blue combo and it certainly looks summery.

I made a recent trip to a farmers market not far from my house. Two things that caught my eye were the peaches and the tomatoes. Since they’re in season this is the best time to enjoy these beauties. In addition to these items, some lady peas and zucchini made it home with me. Enjoy the bounty of the season while you can. Now is the perfect time to stock up on peas and fresh corn for your freezer. I love doing this so I can have a taste of summer on a cold winter day.

I shopped the Nordstrom Anniversary sale today and found five wonderful items. I loved this top as I felt it could be great alone or under a jacket. I also purchased a dress, shoes, t-shirt and active wear. All in all, I saved hundreds of dollars. Fingers crossed everything fits.

Speaking of summer sales….Michelle told me that the sales started in France a couple of weeks ago and she’s been scouring the shops, not for GDFC this time, but for herself and her apartment. She shared a couple of her finds with me; this black mini bag she’s had her eye on for a while and a marble and wood cheese board she stumbled upon and couldn’t pass up.

And lastly, it’s Bastille Day in France, so Michelle will be out watching the fireworks and setting off a few of her own!

Here’s wishing you a wonderful weekend and we hope we inspired you in some way. Check back next week when we will be sharing some tips on summer tablescapes, tipping and a recipe or two.

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2 thoughts on “Fun Stuff for Friday: Closet Organization, Sales, Farmers Market and more…

  • Brenda

    Yes, ma’am, about that Olay Regenerist. And the Night Repair is good, too. Now, like you, I used the more expensive products for years (I sure wish I had all those Erno Laszlo and Chanel dollars back…not to mention the La Prairie and such…oh, the fruitless quest for that fountain of youth…) But now, I’m a huge fan of the new-and-improved “grocery store” offerings, and I think I look as young as ever. Probably because my eyesight has degenerated, but hey, we’re as young as we feel, n’est-ce pas?

    • Gina Diamond

      Brenda, I am so happy that you have experienced the same great results from the “grocery store” cream. Take that expensive creams! You look fabulous and we don’t have to tell anyone your secret….unless they read this blog…..hahahaha!