Manners on Monday: Tips on Tipping

July 17, 2017, posted by Gina – People in the service industry make our world go around. Think about it. There’s more than likely one person from the service industry that does something for you throughout the course of your day. Whether it’s someone helping you pack your groceries or a server at a restaurant, we are impacted by people who rely on tips to help them make their living. With this in mind, let’s take a look at some common tipping practices.

Food Service
I think it might be fair to say we all know how to tip in a restaurant but basically the rule is 15-20%. I use this rule and most of the time I tip 20% unless the service was just not very good. I used to wonder about tipping at a buffet. After all, the server is not bringing you food but most of the time they bring drinks and make sure you have the condiments you need. For a buffet, the rule is to leave 10%. And just what do you do about take out? The rule is that tipping is not required but if special attention was given to your order then a tip is always a nice thing. Then there is pizza delivery. I wondered about this for years and finally found out that a 10 – 15% tip is standard. If you see a tip jar at a counter, you are not obligated to leave a tip but if your service was efficient and friendly it’s a nice idea.

I have always tipped valets but never knew what the going rate was. It is anywhere from $2-5. Bellhops are invaluable when you are checking in and out of a hotel. The standard rule is $2-3 per bag. I have become aware only recently of the general rule for housekeeping tips. We were left a nice note from housekeeping and I wondered if we should tip them. After further review, I found that is standard to tip housekeeping $2-5 per day. It is also suggested that you leave a tip each day of your stay instead of at the end as the staff may change from day to day.

Personal Care
I am a ‘frequent flyer’ at my hair salon and try to leave a nice tip with my stylist since I am usually there for three or more hours. During that time I think of how tired my stylist must be dealing with my thick mop of hair. The standard tip rate is 15-20%. Other similar services such as manicures, pedicures, facials and waxing carry a 15-20% tipping rate as well.

Pet Services
We used to have two beautiful light blond cocker spaniels. Cocker spaniels require a lot of care with their coats as they have long hair. When it came to tipping the groomer, I tended to be generous as I knew what a challenge it was to work with our beauties. The standard tip rate is 10-20% but if your pet is unruly, extra-large or needs extra care, it’s a good idea to tip on the higher side.

While these tip rates are standard, each situation is different. You know when someone has gone above and beyond, so it’s up to your heart and wallet to give what you like. And while tipping is a good idea add a smile and a thank you and you might make someone’s day.

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