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May 7, 2016, posted by Gina – This past Tuesday marked my Garden Club’s annual meeting.  Every May we host a plant swap and have a brunch to celebrate our year. Usually this event is held in a house large enough to host all our members and this year the home was just breathtaking.

I drove about 30 minutes from my house to the most beautiful, peaceful property. Upon turning off of the main road, I knew I was in for a treat and even stopped to take a few photos of the entrance to this stunning home. Driving down the winding driveway, I passed a pretty lake with a fountain and a thicket of mature trees until I reached the house which sat on the lake.

drive and lake

It was very crowded and I had to drive a bit to find a place to park.  I made my way to a parking lot of what I thought was some type of commercial building but was promptly told it was part of the property.  I wondered what it could be.  More on that later.

I exited my car, grabbed my plant for the swap and began my journey to the house. Upon entering, all I could think was WOW!  And that sentiment carried on throughout the whole house especially the enormous laundry room with a full bath that served the pool area which overlooks the lake. The home was filled with beauty at every turn from furniture to artwork to architecture.


The flowers and landscaping throughout the property were just perfect.  I loved the large row of purple Anthony Waterer Spirea.  My landscape architect planted it in my yard and I was just about to give up on it until I saw this hedge.  He was so right about where he placed it in my yard and I learned I just need to practice patience.



Now back to where I parked. I was taken on a bit of a tour of the property and the building I thought was commercial was actually held the homeowners 20+ antique cars.  Amazing.


Then we walked down a paved path to a chicken coop and as you can see it was not typical.  I loved seeing the chickens and marveled at their colors.  Continuing the tour we saw the boat house and the raised bed vegetable garden.

chicken condo

boathouse and raised bed

All of our members enjoyed spending time in this fantastic home and the hostess was so wonderful to share it with us for the day.

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