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April 13, 2017, posted by Gina – I thought I would share all things Easter from my home to yours including décor, my tablescape and menu. You may have everything all decorated and ready to go for your celebration but if you’re still trying to pull it all together maybe some of these ideas will inspire you.

These bunnies have been in my collection for a while. The one on the right with the tie and pink jacket was painted by one of my aunts when my sister and I were children. I think this bunny might have been in my sister’s room but somehow, I ended up with it. I painted the one on the left when my children were babies. I tied a periwinkle wired bow on him and surrounded both of them with a little Easter grass.

These wooden eggs are beautifully hand painted and personalized with each of our names on them.

I saw this bust several months ago and knew he had to have a place in my home. I couldn’t pass up adding another rabbit my to my collection much less a humorous tongue-in-cheek bust of one! It seemed only fitting to give him a commanding spot on top of our mantle.

If you have been a reader for a while, you know I have adult children but that didn’t stop me from preparing Easter baskets for them. They each are receiving a new colorful, lush beach towel, teeth whitening toothpaste that REALLY works, some sunscreen and, of course, a bit of candy. They should be looking good on the beach.

This little couple is going to watch over our family as we enjoy our meal. I surrounded them with some pastel Easter eggs and some bright orange carrots.

For the table I created a simple centerpiece with tulips and and Green Ball (Dianthus).

Easter centrepiece

For the tablescape: Chargers (Pier 1), Plates, Southern Living (Dillards), Runner and Napkins (Home goods), Pottery (McCarty’s and Peters), Flatware (Ballard Designs), Stemware (Lenox Hayworth), Blue Glasses (Paul Michael), Egg Bowls (Pottery Barn)

Easter tablescape

We hope you have a wonderful Easter weekend!

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3 thoughts on “Happy Easter!

  • Brenda Ware Jones

    “Joyeux Paques!”, as Michelle probably says, instead of “Happy Easter”:):)! Your bunny collection is enviable, and I love your table! The menu looks good, as well. As I’m still not a meat eater, I’d probably clean out all the deviled eggs—they look delicious! Might have to pick the bacon out of the broc salad and polish that off, as well…:):)

    We are letting the “other grandparents” have our little family for Easter, as Tim has siblings here from out of town…and we get to see them daily! So, no cooking for me this weekend. Have a happy one with your handsome guys!

    • Gina Diamond

      Thank you Brenda! What a kind spirit you have sharing your precious ones with the “other grandparents”. I do think the broccoli cauliflower will be wonderful without the bacon. I hope you have a wonderful day and thanks for visiting GDFC! Happy Easter!