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April 13, 2017, posted by Gina – If you saw our post on Easter decorations and tablescapes you know we’re excited about this holiday. I have also planned our Easter meal and want to share it with you along with links to the recipes.

I am preparing two main dishes, Baked Virginia Ham and Lamb Chops. Years ago, one of the hostesses for my cookbook club prepared this ham from The Barefoot Contessa Cookbook. The sauce really makes it special. Surround the ham with parsley or other herbs and slices of oranges and lemons and you will look like a pro! As for the lamb chops, I simply salt and pepper them…nothing fancy as they are so good just as they are. Sometimes I roast them and other times I grill them.


Creamy Deviled Eggs from Martha Stewart. What would Easter be without these little culinary delights? Everyone has a recipe for these but I trust Martha’s recipe.

Fresh Asparagus with Curry Dip from Paula Deen. I have been preparing this recipe for years. While I thought this would be a nice accompaniment with the ham, it’s also great as an appetizer.

Broccoli Cauliflower Salad from Come On In, Junior League of Jackson, MS. For some reason, I love to make this salad in the warmer weather months and Easter certainly ushers in warmer weather in my neck of the woods. This salad has a sweet and savory taste and is great with any type of meat.

Holiday Green Gelatin Salad from Allrecipes. So, this is a basic “Maw Maw” salad but if it has been around this long, it must be darn good. My family would start a revolution if I did not prepare this salad on Easter. My mother in law gave me this recipe and in the link above you’ll find the exact same recipe.

Creamy Hash Brown Casserole from Taste of Home. I have boys and boys like potatoes but they LOVE these!!

Dinner Rolls  – A fun thing I like to do is purchase frozen yeast dinner roll dough. I place two rolls standing upright in muffin tin (sprayed with cooking spray) and follow the thawing/rising directions on the package. These are pretty and delicious!

Simply Delicious Strawberry Cake from Paula Deen. I love the pink color of this cake but the taste just screams Spring to me. The perfect finishing touch to a lovely meal. Unfortunately, I didn’t have time to make this cake and had to buy one. This very pretty one is from Sugaree’s Bakery. Delicious!

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