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May 16, 2017, posted by Gina – These days most grocery stores have a floral department and orchids seem to always be available. The convenience of putting one of these beauties in the cart is almost irresistible. Anyway, they seem to make it into our cart pretty often. We thought it might be fun to show you a few tricks to enhance an orchid whether it be for your own home or to give as a gift. Please note, this is one way to make an orchid look a little more dressed up for the short term and not the way an orchid should be planted if you want to keep it for years.

So, here you see an orchid that was just purchased at the grocery store. The container is not too bad but it’s not great either. The clamp holding the stems together is useful but also not so pretty.

Take the orchid out of the grocery store pot. The orchid will be in another pot, probably a thick plastic one. Place the orchid in its plastic pot into another pot. The pot you choose may be quite a bit larger than the one it was purchased in and you’ll need to secure the orchid in it. We used grocery store bags to push down around the two pots to keep the plant from moving around. We’ll deal with that unsightly clamp in a minute.

Gather a bit of moss around the clamp, secure it with a little raffia and then spread some moss around the bottom of the container. In this photo you can also see how we scrunched the plastic bags down between the pots.

orchid transformation in progress

And here you have what we think is a much more attractive presentation…

repotted orchid

What do you think about our quick transformation? Do you keep an orchid as long as it’s blooming, then toss it and buy a replacement? Or do you lovingly tend to them for as long as possible? Do you think they’re too much trouble or worth the trouble? We’d like to hear your thoughts, so please leave us any comments you may have.

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