Lunch on the Lago

Lago Avigliana

Il Lago Grande surrounded by the Alps, Avigliana, Italy

June 9, 2015, posted by Michelle – On our drive back through the Piedmont region of Northern Italy we stopped for lunch before we crossed the border back into France. There’s a town called Avigliana where we’ve stopped before to eat at a cozy restaurant on one of the two lakes there. They mainly serve traditional dishes of the region. I started with proscuitto and mozzarella which was delicious but I couldn’t finish it. Too bad Le Monsieur doesn’t like cheese or we could have shared this.

Prosciutto and Mozza

Le Monsieur ordered mussels in a rich garlic-butter sauce and there was plenty of crusty bread to soak up all the delicious juices.


We should have stopped there it was so filling but it’s just wrong to be in Italy and not eat fresh pasta. I ordered the agnolotti which are like ravioli but smaller and can be square or crescent shaped. They were stuffed with beef flavored with nutmeg and swimming in a beef based sauce. Delicious.

Agnolotti Avigliana

Le Monsieur had the taglietelle with porcini mushrooms and ate every bit. No way we could eat another bite so we skipped desserts.


Here are a couple of recipes for the pasta dishes:

Agnolotti Recipe & History

Taglietelle with Porcini

What a great time we had and hopefully we’ll be visiting Italy again soon. Do you make your own pasta? Are there special restaurants you’ve come across during your travels? Leave us your comments by clicking on the title of this post to expand the comment form.

Avigliana terrace

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