Manners on Monday

May 29, 2017, posted by Gina – Happy Memorial Day! We hope you’ve had a great long weekend. As many people drive back from their mini-vacations, this may be the best time to bring up driving and courtesy.

Open road, no traffic, no problems!

Picture yourself driving down the road. You come upon a large amount of traffic. Cars trying to turn left through the traffic are having a very difficult time. You realize if you stay put you can allow a car to go ahead and cross through traffic in front of you. You motion for the person in the car trying to turn left to go ahead. It takes them a few minutes to realize you are motioning to them. Meanwhile, traffic is backing up behind you. The car turning left finally makes their way across the lane.

And then it happens, or rather it does not happen. You don’t get the nod or the wave or the salute. The person totally ignores your effort to be helpful. It feels as if you were slapped in the face. A simple nod or a wave of thanks is very much appreciated by the driver who has taken a few seconds to do something nice for another driver.

What about you? Are you always a little miffed when your courteous behavior goes unacknowledged? Or maybe you don’t mind if someone goes on their merry way without that little wave of thanks?

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