Shopping Excursion: Vide Grenier and Farmers Market 1 comment

September 25, 2016, posted by Michelle – Bonjour! I’ve been looking forward to the annual Saint Georges Vide Grenier (empty attic, aka garage sale) for weeks. Today was the day and I arrived right after it started early this’s a pleasure just walking around the Saint Georges quarter. It’s part of Vieux Lyon, Lyon’s Old City, which is a large neighborhood comprising three districts of intact medieval and Renaissance-era buildings. So, I found myself in an architecturally rare and unique neighborhood on a sunny Fall day doing what I love to do…buying interesting and beautiful things for GDFC (and a few things just for me).

Among our purchases was a single, delicate cordial glass (possibly Moser) that was too beautiful to pass up. It could hold a single small flower or become part of a group of other ornate glassware. We also found a cute nutcracker in the shape of a walnut (about the size of a coconut) and a heavy metal rooster that would ruffle feathers wherever you chose to put it. Afterwards I headed to the Saint Antoine farmers market and bought a bunch of sunflowers and ornamental cabbage for a centerpiece. A perfect day.







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