Brunch Menu Part 2

November 7, 2017, posted by Gina – Hello! We’re back again today with Part 2 of our Brunch menu. Our first recipe is for Easy Baked Eggs and we have a few notes to help you. I used ham, omitted the garlic (it just seemed too early to be hitting the hard stuff) and used spinach because kale is a garnish. I found that baking the eggs for only 20 minutes was not enough. I ended up cooking mine for 30 minutes, but all ovens don’t bake the same so check this very frequently. The best thing about this dish was the creamy egg yolk. If it cooked too long this dish would not be as wonderful as it is. This recipe makes four servings.



The original recipe for these Sausage Asiago Rolls was actually for an appetizer but when I read it I felt it could easily be changed to a brunch item. These make you look like you are a chef and the flavor is delicious plus they are very easy to prepare. I found that these slices would not fit in a 9- inch round cake pan and baked them on a cookie sheet instead. Not sure what is up with that, but it had to be done.



Our final recipe is for a Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. I have prepared this recipe for over 20 years. If you don’t care for baking, then this is not your gig. This is a dense cake with tons of flavor and texture. I used loaf pans instead of a tube pan when baking. The batter is enough to make 2 cakes if using loaf pans. It’s like a two for one sale. While this recipe does not call for FRESH lemon juice, I believe you should use fresh lemon juice since it is one of the main ingredients. And just as an aside concerning butter, does anyone know why recipes say one cup and not 2 sticks? I mean is that not a whole lot easier? I have always wondered this. Help me out.

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