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July 27, 2017, posted by Gina -When you think about it, container gardening is essentially a combination of gardening and floral design. The same principles that apply in floral design are true for container gardening. Most of my container plants are usually leggy and just plain tired at this point in the summer. I just can’t help giving them a fresh look with new plants even though it is a bit of a challenge finding interesting and pretty plants in late summer. Let’s take a look at what I found at the garden center and how I put it together in my containers.
I took the old soil out of my container to make room for fresh, nutrient rich soil.
I like to use Miracle Grow Potting Mix as it is a combination of soil and fertilizers that help make your plants very happy.

In choosing my plant materials, I could not get the old adage of “thriller, filler and spiller” out of my mind. It’s funny but it really helps when selecting plants. I chose purple coneflower as my thriller, purple heart as my filler and blue haze as my spiller. I worked with an analogous color combination that I really like; pink, deep purple and blue.

I began with the purple coneflower, continued with the purple heart and finished with the blue haze. Once I had everything in the container as I liked it, I filled in with the soil.

And here is the finished container…

In total, I worked on 4 of these. Here are two that frame my steps leading to my patio:

Go ahead and freshen up your containers. It suddenly makes your whole garden look fresh again.





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