Fall Centerpiece Tutorial

October 2016

As promised in the post “A Fresh Autumn Tablescape”, here is a step-by-step guide on how to create a fall arrangement for the table. In this tutorial, Gina shows you how to transform a run of the mill pre-mixed bouquet into a beautiful centerpiece.mark



1. Supplies needed: flowers, two packets of floral preservative, large clear vase, container for centerpiece, floral foam, a container for soaking the floral foam, floral knife and scissors.

2. For the container that will be used to soak the floral foam – pour in the contents of a packet of floral preservative and fill with water. I am often asked if the floral preservative actually works and if it is really necessary. The answers are yes and yes; the floral preservative will help the flowers stay fresher longer.

3. Place the foam in the water. When soaking floral foam, do not push the foam down or let water run on top of it. Simply drop the foam into water that is deep enough to cover it. Let the foam sink down. When you no longer see any bubbles and it is no longer sinking, it is ready. The foam can only take in a certain amount of water so soaking for a long time really does not add any more water to the foam.

4. Be sure that the container for the arrangement is something that is low so that once flowers are added it will not be so tall that your guests will have to talk over or around it. I used a birch container lined with plastic. If you can’t find something like this, you can line the exterior container with plastic, a baggie or a small trash bag. Be sure it is water tight so the moisture does not damage your table.


5. Cut the plastic wrap and rubber bands off of the flowers.

6. Give the flowers a fresh cut and place them in a vase or some type of temporary vessel with floral food and water. This fresh cut helps rejuvenate them and provides a longer life. It is best to let the flowers sit in this vase for several hours or even overnight if you have the time.

7. Put the soaked foam in the container.

8. For this arrangement I began arranging with the lilies. Lilies make really a big statement so although there are only three, they have quite an impact on the design. When placing flowers in floral foam, always give them a fresh cut and make sure the insertion is at least two inches to ensure the flowers are getting enough water. Next I added the alstromeria and then finished with the viburnum. That is all this arrangement needed. Small, round and happy!

I picked up the flowers for this arrangement at the grocery store for $19. I filled it in with some additional viburnum that I bought separately. Since these flowers had lots of leaves I did not need to use greenery but if you have empty space you could always fill in with some greenery from your yard.


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