French Gardens

Le Nôtre garden in Castres
May 8, 2015, posted by Michelle – I have done a little traveling around France recently and wanted to share some photos of a few gardens I came across. They are all very different but each has its particular beauty and make me wish I had even a little tiny space for a garden. The shot above is of a formal Le Nôtre garden on a rainy April day in Castres, France.

Seaside Garden in Bandol
Some lucky homeowner in Bandol, France gets to enjoy this lush garden overlooking the Mediterranean.

Rochegud castle olive tree
A beautiful olive tree and glazed pots on mossy stone steps at the Château de Rochegude, Rochegude, France.

Have you been inspired to recreate elements of gardens you’ve come across in your travels? Where do you get inspiration from – magazines, garden centers, websites and blogs, friends’ gardens, all of the above? Leave us a comment by clicking on the title of this post and the comment form will expand at the end of the post.


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