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July 21, 2017, posted by Gina  – Here’s the round up for this week’s fun stuff post…


Do you ever just “have” to do something different in a room? Somehow you feel like you need to make it look a little different without having to call contractors to your home. Well, that was me earlier this week. I got this bright idea that instead of a small rug in front of my laundry room sink, I wanted one for the whole room. I set out to At Home to rug shop and just look what came home with me. The rug you see here is so soft and I love the bit of personality it brings to a rather utilitarian spot in my home.


If you are like me, whenever you visit an At Home store you never come out with just the one thing you are looking for. On this trip, I was very happy to find these solar outdoor lights on their Flash Find Sale. I mean seriously, they are only $4.99 each! If you have a dark area in your yard that you wish had a little light then go to At Home now because these won’t last. I will confess that I purchased more than an average share of these. If you see a bright light in the sky, chances are it’s coming from my home. At the store near me, these were displayed just inside the front door.


|  SHOES!  |

Last week I shared the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale with you. My items arrived yesterday and true to form, everything fit perfectly. I wanted to show you these shoes I purchased. I have never seen this brand but let me assure you the bed of this shoe is cushioned very well and is unbelievably comfortable for a heel. The zipper on the back gives this shoe a bit of an edge which I think is fun. You do not have to unzip it to get into the shoe. So, while you may not need shoes, don’t forget that there are so many FALL things on sale now but it will end soon, so get shopping!



A friend of mine moved to a new house not too long ago and she has done a lot of work on it. So, it was time for her to let a few of us see all the wonderful things she has done. We started with a brunch that was just perfect for the hot day. A delicious salad with a French tarragon dressing and chicken salad (from me) were the main course. My friend made these absolutely delicious peach hand pies. Now let me say this, I really am not fond of fruit and most of the time will pass on a fruity dessert. Since there were just a few of us, I decided to “soldier on” and eat one of the pies. Thank goodness I did because these little pies are so good. I promise to get the recipe and share it with you before our wonderful summer peaches go away.

That’s all my fun stuff for this week. Here’s hoping you have a nice relaxing weekend or one that is filled with fun projects.

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