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September 29, 2017, posted by Gina – This week has been a busy one and next week is going to move at high speed as my calendar is full. Before things get crazy, I am sharing a few fun things to take you through the weekend and I’m sure you can relate to some of them. We should have lots to share after next week so make sure to check back. Have a great weekend!

|    PUMPKINS    |
This week I went to the farmer’s market close to my house and found more pumpkins and gourds than I could imagine. There is nothing like a robust pumpkin to usher in Fall. I purchased some mini pumpkins and can’t wait to share a recipe with you. I hope to prepare them this weekend, so make sure to check in often next week because you won’t want to miss it.



I guess I did not wash as frequently as I normally do this week. I have a strange habit of using our bed for a clothes line and this assortment of workout clothes that includes 5 pants and 5 tops gave me such a sense of accomplishment. Not on washing them but actually working out every day this week.


Son 1 is getting married!!! He stumbled on a dilemma when trying to decide whether his Dad or brother should be the Best Man. He finally decided they could both be the Best Man but that in the end one had to be a Co-Best Man. So, the only Diamond Family way to solve the debate was to play a game of HORSE to determine the Co-Best Man. I know, sports are a sickness at my house but they sure had fun playing this game and I had fun filming them. By the way, Dad won! A tough pill to swallow for Son 2 but he took it like a champ.


I am not sure why flowers wrapped up nicely in Kraft paper gives me such joy. They are so fresh and the possibilities are so fun to think about. For me, it is like opening up a present. Inspiration and beauty all in one!

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