Fun Stuff on Fridays: Spring

March 3, 2017, posted by Gina – Thanks for checking in with us this week. We don’t want to leave you empty handed over the weekend so here are some things we are thinking about as we head into a few days of rest and relaxation. Spring is upon us and we’re looking forward to the return of blooming trees and flowers, Easter treats and some feathered friends.

Chocolate Malted Robin’s Eggs 

For me, except for the bounty of blooming flowers, there is nothing that ushers in Spring more than Chocolate Malted Robin’s Eggs. I can’t wait until these little goodies hit the grocery store. I purchase them even before Ash Wednesday and enjoy them up until Easter. This has always been the case except for one wild and crazy Lent where I decided to give these AND diet coke up at the SAME TIME!! What was I thinking? It was a true sacrifice! I love placing several packets in a glass jar. If you only have a few a day, what’s the harm? Besides being delicious, they are just so pretty. Go ahead and get yourself a few bags! You’ll be happy you did!

Bird Feeders

Very early this Spring, I purchased a Squirrel Buster Bird Feeder and a hummingbird feeder at Lowe’s in hopes of being host to lots of feathered friends. I wanted the squirrel buster feeder in particular because we have tons of squirrels in our backyard and I did not want them eating all the seed. So far, this feeder has been a wonderful addition to our garden attracting all types of beautiful birds.

I have tried attracting hummingbirds to my yard for years with no luck. It does not help that the yard behind mine has been on the garden tour and has several feeders that the hummingbirds are used to. Not to be defeated, I am trying again this year. I have moved the feeder location and have put my feeder out early enough so the scouts may find it soon!

Have trees and flowers started blooming where you are? What do you look forward to every Spring? We’d love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please click on the title of this post to open up the comment form.

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