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March 10, 2017, posted by Gina – We have many fun, creative and interesting things on our mind as we head into the weekend and Spring Break. Since it’s Fun Stuff Friday now is the time to share of few of them with you. We hope they put a smile on your face and provide a little inspiration for you as well!

First up, the Celfie vase. We will be ordering one (or a few) of these very soon. They are so precious and versatile. You can style the Celfie so many different ways that she’ll never be just another boring old vase.

Photo from Accent Decor at

Second, we are BEYOND excited about the new HGTV show filmed in Mississippi called HOMETOWN. It premiers on Tuesday, March 21st. It’s hosted by Erin and Ben Napier, a young couple with a passion for renovating old, classic homes in Laurel. This show feels very similar to the hugely popular Fixer Upper out of Waco, Texas with Joanna and Chip Gaines. We are looking forward to seeing all their projects and great ideas.

Moving on to our third fun item that we can’t wait to start using this Spring. We are absolutely loving these Straw Bags with Pom Poms as they are showing up everywhere and seem to be the big trend for casual Spring and Summer outings. How could you not get one of these cuties? We spotted this one on Shopbop.

Our final fun item of the day is Jergens Natural Glow Instant Sun sunless tanning mousse. You know how it goes. All is right with the world and then you have a friend that comes back from the beach with a beautiful glow and you want that glow too. We have never found a sunless tanning product that did not look orangey or just plain bad. That is until now. This sunless tanning mousse goes on without being so dark that it is noticeable and it doesn’t leave streaks. It looks natural and gives a nice glow just like you spent a few days at the beach. If you think you might want to try this we have a few tips. Make sure to exfoliate. Make sure your skin is well hydrated by putting on a regular lotion first. Wear disposable gloves when smoothing it on being very careful around ankles and elbows. We found putting it on your face was too dark so just mix a little of it in with your regular lotion or moisturizer for just a slight bit of color. Once you have it everywhere but your hands, remove the gloves and very lightly cover the tops of your hands making sure to stay away from your knuckles and the sides of your hands. Choose the lightest color they offer, after all we are not trying to look as if we sunbathed for a week straight. We are just trying to get a bit of color.

Enjoy every minute of your weekend and check back with us on Monday for our first post on manners.

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