Growing Garden Arrangement Tutorial

May 2017

This is the second tutorial I’ve done based on the arrangements I designed for a recent luncheon at my home. The first was the rose pavé centerpiece that was on the dining table. This arrangement was on the kitchen island and its form is much more natural and wild as opposed to the tight, compact pavé arrangement.

What you’ll need: Wet foam, a trash bag to be used for a liner, a plastic container deep enough to soak the wet foam, floral preservative, a low, long planter/ container, Gerber daisies, lilies, hydrangea, roses, tulips, moss.

1. Line the planter/container with the trash bag, folding it to fit.
2. Soak the foam. Simply drop it in a container filled with water and floral preservative. Do not push it down. Once all areas are covered with water, the foam is ready to use.
3. Place the foam securely in the container.
4. Place the lilies (the largest flowers) in the foam, allowing for a two-inch insertion. We began in the center and then put lilies on the far left and the far right side. We then repeated that pattern with tulips.

growing garden arrangement tutorial 1 - 4

5. Continue following the pattern with gerbera daisies. We began with the white and followed with the pink. (You’ll notice that the gerbera daisies have been wired – we’ll have a separate tutorial on how wire flowers).
6. Place the hydrangeas down low. See how full the arrangement instantly looks when these large flowers added.
7. Add in a few roses and then cover the mechanics with moss.
8. The arrangement is complete!

growing garden arrangement tutorial 5 - 8


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