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May 13, 2016, posted by Gina – If you are a regular reader of GDFC then you know that we have been working with a landscape architect for a few years now. The work has been done in phases and we will finally tackle the last phase in the fall. I am beyond excited about this final phase as it will incorporate four raised beds. So, next growing season I will try my hand at growing a few vegetables and one of the beds will be dedicated to herbs.

I am no stranger to growing herbs and even had success in our former yard that barely had a ray of sunshine. This past weekend I decided not to wait on the raised bed and planted a few herbs in some pots I had on hand. I selected rosemary, spearmint, basil and lemon thyme.  The fragrance from these herbs in my car on the way home was divine.

You know I love to cook and I will certainly use these herbs in plenty of dishes but I also like using rosemary in floral arrangements and spearmint in good ole sweet tea and other fun beverages.

If you’ve been thinking about growing a few herbs go ahead and take the plunge. They are really very easy to grow and are great to have on hand.

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