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September 29, 2015, posted by Gina – The first “official” day of Fall was just last week but my car temperature reading showed it was almost 90° that day. Though it’s been a bit cooler than the sweltering hot days we have grown accustomed to, I would not consider this a Fall day. But the good news is that while it may still be warm outside, all of the signs of Fall can be found at just about every turn.

Fall collage - 4

At the grocery store, a loaf of pumpkin chocolate chip bread practically jumped into my cart along with a pack of orange and brown plaid napkins. Together they will make a fun and cute Fall treat. I also had a myriad of errands to run that day and one of them was a stop at the farmers market. Look at the last of the summer bounty I brought home with me. We had guests over last weekend and I cooked those fresh vegetables along with some salmon.
Besides mums, I believe crotons welcome Fall just about better than any other plant because they are very hardy and last up until the frost. I usually only buy a few mums because their life span is so short and they can dry out very easily. Even knowing this, I just love how they look and four plants came home with me.

Fall Collage - three
I promised myself I was not going to buy pumpkins, but the ones above rode home with me anyway. I plan on getting more pumpkins but at a later day. My autumn joy sedum is blooming. When I first planted this small container full of succulents, they were barely 2 inches tall. Over the summer they withstood unbelievable eastern sun and practically no rainfall since July 4th. I did take care and water them from time to time. These are called autumn “joy” because they flower from August until November. The bloom starts off a light pink in August and as times passes they turn a dark red color. How cool is that? And finally, I made some door wreaths using succulents for my front doors.  I make most all of the arrangements you see on this website for other homes though I take pictures before they reach their final destination.

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