Spring Luncheon

Photo Above: For this luncheon, I used my mother’s china that I “borrowed” about 5 years ago.  The blue- green pastel color perfectly complimented the spring colors of the table linens and accessories.

April 11, 2019, posted by Gina – Our blog posts have been few and far between lately but we finally had a moment to share something with you.  I hosted my Cookbook Club this week at my home and we enjoyed a delicious meal. We have been cooking out of The Silver Palate Cookbook which was originally published in the 70’s.  We have links to various recipes at the end of this post if you are interested in trying any of these dishes yourself. We hope this inspires you to host your own Spring gathering!

Taking full advantage of the beautiful Spring weather, we started off with crudités and champagne in my garden.

Baked ham was the main dish and it was very good. A Dijon mustard – brown sugar mixture was spread on it for baking. It is served with wine and apricot sauce on the side. I also offered coarse ground mustard and a chutney.

All the side dishes were delicious; we had Oil Roasted Summer Vegetables, Orange & Onion Salad and Leek Tart. The vegetables were roasted with olive oil and salt. That’s all! Simple but super flavorful and it makes such a pretty dish. The Orange and Onion Salad was very refreshing and paired wonderfully with our ham. The Leek Tart was similar to a quiche but with a more silky interior. Delicious! 

Orange & Onion Salad

And what better way to end this meal than with a Carrot Cake…

Carrot Cake

With Easter around the corner, I was inspired to work with bright colors and Easter decor that complimented the Easter themed menu.

This cute couple has been part of our Easter decor for years.
I always wanted personalized eggs for my family.  Time always got away from me and I just never ordered them, that is until a few years ago.  We even have one for Emma, our black lab.
Owning the flower shop has given me access to some of the most gorgeous flowers.  These pale pink roses opened up with the most luscious petals. 
These little guys have been around so long we should probably set a place at the table for them!  The bunny on the right was actually painted by my Aunt…for my sister.  I have no recollection of how I acquired him but he does put a smile on my face.  Years ago I took ceramics classes and tried my hand at creating a mate. 

We hope you were inspired by the flavors of this meal and the Spring colors of the table setting, the flowers and the decorations! Below are links to some of the recipes…

Glazed Baked Ham

Leek Tart

Oil Roasted Summer Vegetables

Carrot Cake

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