Tutorial: Sunflower Topiary

May 2017

Today we’re showing you how to make this sweet sunflower topiary. It will brighten up any spot in your home and also makes a wonderful gift. Best of all, it’s easy to do…let’s get started..

What you’ll need: Sunflowers, two other kinds of flowers (we used roses and hydrangea), floral wire, floral preservative, wet foam, a plastic container deep enough to immerse the foam in water, a container, a liner to fit the container, ribbon.

1. Select sunflowers and one or two other flowers. We choose bright coral roses and green hydrangea.
2. Prepare a container. Even though this container is waterproof and we have a saucer, we are placing a plastic container in the bottom to prevent any moisture damage.
3. Soak the wet oasis floral foam in a plastic container prepared with water and floral preservative. Simply wait for the foam to soak up the water. There is no need to press the foam down as this could create dry pockets.
4. Cut and fit the floral foam into container making sure there is a tight enough fit allowing the flowers to remain stationary.

sunflower topiary 5 -8

5. Gather sunflowers tightly making sure they are about the same height. Look at them from each direction to make sure the all of them are facing outward. Wrap them with a floral wire.
6. Insert all stems at once into the center of the floral foam.
7. Here the sunflowers are in place.
8. Start to cover the foam with remaining flowers. We chose a combination of coral roses and hydrangea but all greenery or just one type of flower would work great.

sunflower topiary 9 - 12

9. Continue adding flowers until the foam is completely covered. It is also a good idea to cover the rim of the container. This could be done with moss if you used only the roses.
10. Prepare a piece of ribbon making sure it is long enough to make a criss cross pattern on the sunflower stems. Begin at the wire making sure the ribbon covers it. Continue wrapping in a criss-cross fashion until you reach the bottom of the sunflower stems.
11. Here is the wrapped ribbon. You will tie it off once you get to the end. If there is any extra ribbon you can cut it off.
12. And here you have a very happy, sunflower topiary arrangement!


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