Wish You Had A Green Thumb?

August 22, 2018, posted by Gina – We conducted a poll on Instagram yesterday asking people if they have a green thumb. A little more than 50% of poll takers responded “no”. Some people may think that gardening or caring for houseplants is too time-consuming and difficult. Gardening is definitely an endeavor that requires both time and patience and houseplants can be finicky. However, the benefits of a pretty garden or a few beautiful plants scattered around the house are worth the trouble. Of course, bringing home a bouquet of fresh flowers from time to time is another great way to add life and beauty to your home. If you’re looking to try your hand at gardening, caring for houseplants or keeping fresh flowers looking pretty longer, we have included a few of our past posts on these topics that we hope will give you some guidance…and inspiration!

Tips on Keeping Houseplants Healthy and Happy

Container Gardening

Make Grocery Store Orchids Look Special

10 Things to Know About Succulents

Keeping Fresh Cut Flowers Looking Pretty Longer

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