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January 2017

When you first see this simple arrangement, you may be thinking to yourself you really don’t need a tutorial to pull this together. But sometimes the simplest arrangements can be tricky to pull off so consider these tips. This arrangement went along with our Humble & Kind post….read it HERE.

1. Whenever you begin an arrangement, even a simple one, gather all of your supplies. The typical supplies are found here; floral preservative (yes, you ALWAYS need to use it), knife for proper cutting of flowers, vessel and the flowers.

2. For this arrangement, the flowers will just barely be above the top of the vase. Cut one flower to the perfect height and let it be your guide for the remainder of the flowers. While this vase is not very large, I purchased 2 bunches of carnations (about 24) so that the end result would be very full.

3. If you find carnations that have not quite opened yet, you can gently open them with your hands.

4. Begin by placing one flower in the vase at a 45 degree angle.

5. Directly opposite from that flower add another.

6. Then do same on the opposite side of the container. You want your stems to cross each other. Continue adding flowers until your container is very full.

7. And here is the finished arrangement; humble but a great happy pop of color that does not break the bank and takes about 10 minutes to put together. This arrangement was created for a tablescape and is perfect for a narrow or smaller table and it’s low enough to allow for great conversation. I often create this same arrangement with roses.

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