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January 6, 2017, posted by Gina – As we start this New Year, perhaps we all think of ways to make improvements in our lives. It seems that weight loss is usually at the top of the list but when people search deeper, they are really looking at ways to better themselves. This past year, Tim McGraw came out with a song entitled Humble and Kind in which he advises listeners to be humble and kind in good times and in bad. Wise and refreshing words in a sea of music with a variety of messages.

As I was thinking about a post to start our New Year on GDFC I began thinking of “humble “food, flowers and entertaining. It is “kind” to create memories for those you invite into your home. Making your guests feel as if you have wrapped them in a warm blanket and that they are special, even if just for a brief time, can be lots of fun.

Entertaining does not have to be about pulling out the china and crystal but rather the thought that goes behind your wish to invite people into your home.

Let’s start with the flowers. When I think of a humble flower, the first thing that comes to my mind is the carnation. After all, the carnation never needs to take center stage like a sunflower or a hydrangea. A carnation is happy either as a filler or focal point. A carnation will outlast most flowers and needs very little care. It does not need wiring or require extra water. Its petals don’t fall off easily and its natural color is perfect as nature intended it. And best of all it is a very affordable flower. According to Christian legend, carnations first appeared on earth as Jesus carried the Cross. Carnations sprang up from where the Virgin Mary’s tears fell as she cried over her son’s plight. Basically, it’s a tough little dude! At GDFC, we think it is very pretty to arrange carnations “en masse” as we did in the arrangement pictured below. To see how to make it yourself, check out the tutorial HERE.

Moving on to food. The green pea is a humble little guy. Most often you see peas combined with other foods instead of being the star. But in this amazing green pea soup, the pea is perfectly suited for being the main attraction. The Fresh Pea Soup recipe is from Ina Garten and is delicious even if you are like me and peas are not your favorite food. Get the recipe HERE.

And finally, to our table. White dinnerware is certainly humble but its the most versatile item you can have in your kitchen. It requires nothing of you. There’s no gold or silver trim to have to coordinate with and there are no colors or patterns to have to match. The white plate is a blank canvas for you to create whatever theme your heart desires. In this case the white is the perfect contrast to our chartreuse green soup and our brightly colored napkins that are little pieces of art. Sources for table elements;

Textured table runner – HomeGoods
White dinnerware – Pier 1
Flatware – Ballard Designs
Crystal – Waterford….collected over time from local department stores

So, go ahead! What are you waiting for? Invite some friends over to a “humble and kind” evening. You might just find it warms your heart as much as theirs.

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