Fun Stuff on Friday: 12 Gift Ideas for Father’s Day… and Other Stuff

June 16, 2017, posted by Gina – This week’s Fun Stuff post has a little bit of everything; Father’s Day gift ideas, cute shoes, tiny eggplant and Ina Garten’s new cooking show.

Father’s Day is this Sunday and we’ve been searching for the perfect gift. We seem to wrack our brains every year to come up with something he’ll love. Here is a list of some of the things we are considering as well as a few neat things we saw while out shopping. We hope these may be helpful to you if you are still looking for gifts.

1.Binoculars that fit on your face like glasses so they remain steady and you get a clearer focus on your subject.

2. Extra Photo Storage for an iPhone. I think maybe EVERYONE might need this one. It’s a Leef microSD reader that plugs into your iPhone allowing you to transfer photos from a microSD card to your iPhone or iPad and vice versa. It saves storage on your phone and keeps your photos safe all at once. It works with an App and you can read all the details on the Leef site HERE.

3. Camera Tripod. Mr. GDFC was attempting to take long range photos recently and mentioned he just could not keep the camera as still as he wanted. Light bulb! He will be getting a tripod to help him take just the right photos.

4. Grills and grilling equipment. We looked at a Green Egg but the price would make this purchase a family decision.

5. Kayaks. Ok, so you need to live near water for this one but it gets you on the water for a small price in comparison to boats or jet skis.

6. Tile Mate. This allows you to attach a small, square “tile” on your keys and wallet, download an App and if you lose, or just can’t locate either, the Tile Mate will help you find them.

7. mophie Power. This gives you 2 times regular battery power for your iPhone.

8. Swim trunks – perfect for summer

9. Exercise clothing or equipment

10. Wine

11. Ties – yes ties. Mr. GDFC wears a suit to work every day and it takes a great many ties to keep things fresh. He enjoys receiving new ties.

12. Clothing – always needed and nice to receive.

Now on to other fun stuff…

Check out these shoes! Yes, indeed they are mine! If you follow us then you know I have shown several other pairs of floral shoes but, each time I went to order them, I found they were out of stock. On a recent trip to New Orleans these wild and crazy babies caught my eye and they came home with me. I love the pearls on them. I mean, tennis shoes, flowers and pearls…. they fit my personality to a T!

Cook Like A Pro with Ina Garten is on air. I have seen one episode and was comforted just having Ina back on TV. This show is very much like her former ones and I loved every minute of it. I will confess I was on vacation when I saw the show and, having lost track of time, I don’t remember what day and time it came on. Check your local schedule to see when this wonderful show airs. All is right with the world again now that she if back on air.

Michelle buys flowers from the same ladies every Sunday at a farmers market in Lyon. Since she’s a loyal customer, they usually throw in a few extra flowers. Last week, they generously gave her 8 coral roses and a stem of …berries? pods? She wasn’t sure. After a little online search she discovered these yellow and green striped things are actually a tiny variety of eggplant called Thai eggplant! Neither of us had ever seen them before, maybe you have? At any rate, they looked very pretty mixed in with her flowers. We’ve incorporated tomatoes, artichokes, lemons, pears, apples, oranges, kumquats and a few other fruits and vegetables in our arrangements but this was a first.

That’s a wrap on our Friday. Enjoy your weekend and the fathers in your life!

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