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June 30, 2017, posted by Gina –  It’s Friday and, as always, we have some fun items to share with you…


A while back I heard that Ree Drummond was working on a magazine. I mean, what does this woman not do? I love her story. She started a cooking blog years ago and eventually she had her own food show. She then developed her own line of good-looking cookware and serve ware  which is sold at Walmart as well as in her new store. Yep, that’s right, she and her husband Ladd renovated an old warehouse that now houses all types of fun home goods, cooking supplies and even some clothes and accessories. It’s called the Merc (short for Mercantile). If that were not enough, there’s a restaurant inside the store. I don’t know her but through her show and writing she comes across as a down to earth, fun person. I grabbed her new magazine the moment I saw it on the rack and fell in love. She shares all kinds of recipes, home décor ideas, fashion tips and offers readers a look into her life on the ranch. I enjoyed every single page and if you love these things then I think you will enjoy it as well.



Ok, so they’re not jars but….I found this small set of Mason nesting bowls on a recent trip to the grocery store. Initially, I thought they were just so cute but as I started to think of all the potential uses for them, a few landed in my cart. The large bowl is perfect for mixing a dressing in and the best part is these are so attractive you can use them for serving as well. They would also be great for serving salsa or condiments. Here are the sizes:
Large 4 ½ wide X 3 inches tall
Medium 3 ¾ wide X 3 inches tall
Small 3 wide X 3 inches tall


|  JAMES T. FARMER, A Place to Call Home  |

I read today that James Farmer has a new book entitled, A Place to Call Home that is due to be released in August. I was just giddy upon hearing this as I am a huge fan. In fact, I have three of his five published books. James is an author, cook, garden expert and interior designer. If you follow GDFC then you know these are all the topics we enjoy. In this new book, the reader will be taken through 11 southern homes (he’s all about the South) where we will be treated to home décor and gardening. I also spied floral arrangements in the few promotional photos that have been shared in relation to the release of this book. If you ever find yourself in Perry, Georgia, James has a storefront there and while I have not had the opportunity to visit, I am sure it is filled with culinary, décor and gardening treasures.




And from Across the Pond….Michelle told me she was out looking for a new perfume for the summer and she came across a a new brand called Bon Parfumeur. Their perfumes are 100% made in France and are numbered, rather than named, from 001 – 901. Each is identified by its three main notes. She told me she had a very hard time choosing but settled on 801 – Sea Spray, Cedar and Grapefruit. There are 15 unisex fragrances which can be wore alone or mixed together to create a very personalized scent.



I found these wood curl wreaths last year and love how they welcome the 4th in high style. As if these weren’t patriotic enough, I also found a couple of red, white and blue pillows to coordinate with the wreaths. Happy 4th!


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